Flipgrid is  both a website and an app designed for students to complete video assignments such as singing and playing an instrument. Videos can be submitted on flipgrid for certain assignments and feed back can be given to students from the teacher via flipgrid!


To get to flipgrid, follow these steps! 

1.) Go to the following link: 


2.) When asked for classcode, enter in the following classcode:

Concert Choir: young9123

Freshman Choir: young7311

Advanced Choir: young0006

3.) When asked for your student user name, enter your first and last initial CAPITALIZED, followed by your grade. (For example, if I was a freshman, I would be DY09. If I was a 10th, 11th, or 12th grader I would be DY10, DY11, or DY12)

4.) Once on flipgrip, you can now see posted topics over video assignments that are to be posted! 


If you have any questions, feel free to click the contact tab at the top of this website to send any questions to Mr. Young! You can also email him directly at dyoung@tipton-county.com