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National Anthem Performers: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Philadelphia 76ers


2017 Heritage Festival Boston Participants


All Northwest Honor Choir: Linda Mckinney, Danae Parks, Hanna Twisdale, Kaylea Wilson, Paige Thompson, Tori Bolkcom, Tanner Pilgrim, Ethan Smith, Eli Guevarra, Ramon Cantu, Micah Brumett, Elliott Ashe, Riley Hull, Ian Stinson, Logan Agcanas, Kiva Nguyen, David Hale

All State Honor Choir:


National Anthem Performers- Memphis Redbirds

All Northwest Honor Choir: Victoria Bolkcom, Austin Childress, Rose Fries


Quad State Honor Choir: Johnna Clements, Austin ChildressMarysa Curlee, Tristan Gray, Amber Alverson


UTM Honor Choir: Johnna Clements, Amber Alverson, Riley Hull, Logan Agcanas, Tristan Gray, Linda Mckinney, Danae Parks, Rose Fries,Rachel Duncan

Previous Years/Awards

2014-Tennessee School Boards Association Conference performers.

2013-appeared with Foreigner on their 2013 Memphis tour date Live at the Garden

2013-Carnegie Hall appearance as part of the National Festival Chorus

2013-National Anthem performance, Memphis Grizzlies v. Phoenix Suns

2010-National Anthem performance, Memphis  Redbirds

2009-Atlanta Heritage Festival Silver Award

2007-Gatlinburg Fiesta-val 1st Place Show Choir/Superior Rating

2006-New York Tour (Heritage Festivals) Silver Award/2nd Place Show Choir

2005-Walt Disney World Festival Disney 1st Place Specialty Choir

2004-New York Tour (Heritage Festivals) Gold Award


WTVMEA Concert Festival Superior Ratings:

1995 (Sweepstakes Winner), 2002, 2003, 2004, 2012


All-Northwest Honor Choir Participants:

2014:  Savoyah Beidl, Hannah Kelso

2013: Lizzie Nelson, Rose Fries, Johnna Clements, Thomas Matheny, Savoyah Beidl (All State),  Shea Rutledge, Hannah Kelso, Tia Gaines, Shelby Rainwater, Kelsey Tam, Stanley Gatlin (All State), Erin Gray, William Bennington, Dillon Smith, Nick Disch, Hunter Doo (All-State), Ryan Fristensky, Jocelyn Sanabria (All State)

2012: Lacey Hindman (All-State), Thomas Matheny, Loralee Shoffner, Hunter Doo, Ryan Fristensky, Jocelyn Sanabria (All State), Aubrey Smith, Marcellino Neville, Dillon Smith, Hannah Kelso, Tia Gaines, Shelby Rainwater, Kelsey Tam, Virginia Deas, William Bennington, Johnna Clements, Savoyah Beidl

2011:  Garrett Doo (All-State), Lacey Hindman (All-State), Shelby Bampfield (All-State), Taylor Martchek (All-State), Marygrace Burnett, Kelsey Tam, Josh Tam, Margaret-Ann Mize, Kayla Shellenberger, Jocelyn Sanabria, Tia Gaines, Brittany Wright, Alexi Starnes, Chris Woods, Hunter Doo, Ryan Fristensky, Kris Smith

2010: Garrett Doo (All-State), Brooke Reagan, Shelby Bampfield (All-State), Courtney Hale, Lacey Hindman, Kim Meadors, Lizzie Nelson, Tia Gaines, Josh Tam, Chris Woods

2009: Cat McConnell (All-State), Greg Meinweiser (All-State), Garrett Doo (All-State), Brooke Reagan, Shelby Bampfield, Morgan Sherfield, Mary Wortham, Lacey Hindman, Jamie Dillon

2008: Cat McConnell (All-State), Greg Meinweiser, Garrett Doo, Brooke Reagan, Shelby Bampfield


2007: Leighann Colin (All-State) , Kaitlyn Trobaugh, Catie Fisher, Charlesza Neal, Cat McConnell (All-State), Greg Meinweiser


2006: Erin Reagan, Leighann Colin, Brittany McKay, Cat McConnell, Erin Webb


2005: Brittany McKay, Erin Webb


2004: Damita Beck, Erin Reagan, Erin Webb, Leighann Colin, Brittany McKay, Catie Fisher, David Stevens, Peter Colin, Abreeka Moore. All-State: Lindsay Bargery, Tara Martchek